Mozzar’s Pizzaworks

The project set out with a creative brief that was open to interpretation. The client wanted to serve Pizza in a fast casual dining format and yet be able to differentiate their offering from the regular here in India such as Dominoes or Pizza Hut. Their offerings are super fresh, sourced from organic farms and they wanted this to be their brand promise.

While we designed their complete brand persona right from the brand identity to the packaging, we wanted the space to literally reflect the visual characteristic and story of the brand. By using fresh colors and textures, we were able to create an atmosphere that compliments the food as well as the service. The use of green is prominent yet not overpowering. We introduced the red color through the tree element to add a fun and psychedelic touch that is the center of the entire place.


April 10, 2017


Brand Communication, Brand Identity, Interior Design


Pinakii Ventures


220 sq.m.

Scope of Work

Naming, Brand Identity Design. Interior Design


Pune, India



Project Team

Alok Thakurdesai, Rutuja Mohole, Saylee Thakur, Kanhaiya Jadhav, Neha Jokhe


Chinmay Morgaonkar (Scale of Light)