Lynk Logistics

The evolution of the ecommerce market in India has led a strong push to innovation in the Logistics sector, especially the last mile. As ecommerce platforms look to increasing the convenience of shopping online for the customers, the need for a stronger and more organised lastmile solution is evident.

Lynk was founded on just that principle. The founders dared to ask the larger questions; how can we make sense of the unorganised logistics market in India? The Lynk platform allows a customer to book a transport vehicle based on his/her requirements without the hassle of finding vehicles and haggling over the costs.

For such a new concept, we wanted to keep the identity simple, strong and recallable. By focusing on the form of a truck’s door, we were able to create an identity system that was not only simple but also scalable to adapt to sub-brands as they were formed.

Lynk Logistics currently has a presence in Chennai and is very soon scheduled to launch through 5 major cities in India.


April 7, 2017