We design brand experiences that help our clients connect with people, co-create groundbreaking ideas and create value through a design thinking process.


We collaborate with our clients, customers and knowledge leaders to leverage on an open learning + designing process. With a strong focus on brand identity and spatial design, we have successfully been able to create sustainable and scalable brands that perform in the competitive markets of today.

Being Collaborative

Collaborating with our clients and their end consumers through strategic research platforms allows us to address challenges framed by the market scenario rather than a design brief.


We disallow the creation of fragmented brand experiences by utilising our multi-disciplinary design team that comprises of visual designers, interior designers and design researchers.

The Hands-on Approach

We address each and every project with a fresh perspective and without bias but with the experience of having helped build over 40 brands. Our research takes us from the choatic streets of India to the webs of the Internet.


Our strong experience in prototyping and project execution stems from the need to make our ideas possible. By partnering with vendors from around the country, we ensure the designs that our clients love are feasible, sustainable and scalable.

Alok Thakurdesai

Alok leads the team at Worksmith, having over 8 years of experience in the design industry with two entrepreneurial ventures under his belt. He looks at every design scenario taking a business goal-driven approach to ensure sustainability of the proposed solution. With a strong base in Interior Design and Masters in Strategic Design from MITID, Pune, he has successfully been able to create a design process that works across every platform.